Woodspring Locality Partner

Welcome to the Woodspring Locality Partnership Newsletter

To ensure there is a shared awareness of the delivery, changes to, and introduction of services and other updates about Woodspring, the newsletter is changing from a quarterly publication to monthly.

So, what can you expect in the fresh look newsletter? Well, it will feature regular articles providing updates about where we are with service development and delivery, as well as ongoing initiatives and strategic direction. The newsletter will also put the spotlight on services and the people delivering them. There will also be a public voice section starting next month to share how the population we serve feel about the work we are all doing.

If you want to highlight a service, or the work of a team, or showcase an achievement or issue a call to action please send no more than 250 words and images to louisa.griffith-jones1@nhs.net before the 20th of each month.

Please note, we cannot guarantee everything submitted will feature in the newsletter.